About: Michael G. Underwood

Awarding-winning director/cinematographer Michael Underwood has been an international player in television and film for more than two decades. Over a wide spectrum of projects, he has lensed a mesmerizing blend of live action and seductive product shots for a diverse clientele.

Michael’s reputation rests upon a unique artistry and aesthetic sense reflecting his eclectic background and expertise in a variety of media. His eye for distinctive visual composition is striking, his range of style diverse in concept and content. Yet, one hallmark defines his body of work: The ability to uncover a fresh, timeless, creative vision for each new project he turns his attention to.

Armed with his rich motion picture background and trained cinematographer’s eye, Michael has now entered into the world of fine art photography. His lifestyle work captures the spirit of life with an eye for style. His portrait work makes an indelible emotional connection. Each study surrenders a lasting, honest, formalist snapshot of a life revealed. His landscape and iconic architectural photography is alluring and unconventional, complex and profound, with grandeur of unsurpassed delicacy.


As president of Tantrum Pictures, Michael leads an in-house production team based in the U.S. and Europe. Their mission, says Michael, is “to stretch constantly, to keep searching for the new, the exceptional way of doing things, to create elegant, sophisticated, understated, yet powerful scenes that inspire and elevate.”

Michael has contributed to:

The Animal enrichment fund for the Knoxville Zoo / STAR Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy Of Riding / Knoxville Opera Guild / Zoofari / Knox Heritage / Remote Area Medical Foundation / Tennessee Theatre’s Stars on Stage / Knox Area Rescue Misson / Habitat for Humanity / Knox Youth Sports

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