What People Are Saying

Always a pleasure shooting with you guys   Drew Scott, Executive Producer, Scott Brothers Entertainment

Michael, you and your core team is the reason we look great. Thanks to you and your incredibly talented eye.
 Santos Lopez | Executive Producer, HGTV & DIY Creative Content

As always it was a pleasure working with you.   Chris Bieger | Senior Writer Producer, HGTV & DIY Creative Content

Absolutely, love your work Michael!  Steve Wiggins Post Production Supervisor Scripps Interactive

It was an absolutely pleasure… Please let me know if you ever have a show in ny! I would love to see it   Jaimie Cohen Producer Juma

Your a class act, you’re always fun to work with, and you bring out the best in everybody.   Rob Van Winkle AKA Vanilla Ice

I especially loved watching the process you and the guys go thru to get those beautiful images. I hope our paths cross again, Michael. In the meantime, keep being brilliant!   Theresa Wells Producer Big Table Media

Thanks Michael!!! Love working with u. Always so much fun. Definitely one of my favorites.   Matt Blashaw, Host HGTV/DIY Network

Michael, you're amazing. Seriously...our dad taught us to admire others when they have mastered their craft. It's rare to see such grace in the midst of so many moving parts, deadlines, etc. You were a joy to watch...and work with. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We are honored to call you friend.   David Benham, Benham Companies

…you were an answer from heaven! Thank you for being our coach and now being our friend! It's an honor to know you.
  Jason Benham, Benham Companies

Michael, You are amazing and so talented. It was my pleasure to get to work with you again! I can’t wait to see the spot come together and I know I will be working with you again on another project. You rock! Thanks so much!   Bev Anderson Ad Sales Scripps Interactive

This guy Underwood is not human. He’s flat-out the hottest shooter in the galaxy… It’s like having Annie Leibovitz shoot your wedding pics. Trust me. Make this happen!   Danny Tepper Program Executive Scripps Networks Interactive

We had such a good time with you and your crew- we cant wait to see how you make it all magically come together.
 Joanna Gains Host HGTV FixerUpper

…I want to thank you for all your hard work. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future.   Mike Baron | President, Con Garra Brands | A Division of Ultimate Brand Management, LLC |

You and the team you assembled are among the best and most pleasant I've worked with in 23 years....   Wade Danielson First AD Los Angeles

You guys made yesterday such a pleasure as always... Truly beautiful performance and imagery…You were rock stars as always.
 Heather Jagels VP Creative Services HGTV and DIY Networks

Thanks again, Michael. We'll be talking soon. Everything looked great… You truly over deliver.   Chris Martin Creative Director HGTV

Can't wait to see all the great stuff you guys shot with all the different HGTV talent…you guys are true professionals and an absolute pleasure to work with.   Anthony Carrino Host HGTV Cousins on Call

I only have a few things to say after the shoot today….
You are amazing. Your team is amazing. The talent is amazing.
It was a privilege (and a lot of fun) to work with you and with everyone on your team to make this all happen.
Warmest thanks!  Eric Black – Executive Producer BPG Los Angeles

It's so refreshing when you get to work with a new creative and energetic crew - with a clear vision
 Mark Bernardi Creative Producer Toronto Canada

Absolutely awe inspiring. I am so proud of this work…   Lesley Schoch Creative Services DIY Network

Joe and I both love the video … You are so incredibly talented… I dream about the day we can both work together.
You have such great energy and are so positive...   Chef Joseph Dobias and Jill Schulster of Jo Doe in New York

We are overwhelmed…   Mary K. Davis Opera Guild

…very impressed…awe-struck… poetic   Santos Lopez Creative Scripps Networks HGTV

I love the Paris work… You're such a talent..   Alison Victoria Host DIY Network

I knew you did great video work. Knew you did incredible photography work. Now I know you do awesome art as well
 Matthew Vetzner Account Manager

Love, love love your work.   Hilary Farr Host HGTV Network

Your style is so exquisitely, dreamily lyrical… over the moon!   Bronson Pinchot Host DIY Network

beautiful, almost haunting imagery   Susan Bennett Lopez Artist

Your work …Looks awesome.   John DeSilivia Host DIY Network

Fantastic.   Jason Buller Producer Big Coat

…love the new work!   Alex Alexander Freelance Producer

…love your style… excellent, as expected…gut wrenching talent.. I love your work and you....   Charles Ison Execeutive Producer

Wonderful and moving. I love where you're going!   Wade Austin DMGx Creative Director/Designer

Amazing work, Michael!   Lee Minard Executive Producer

Beautiful work, brother! You are one very talented man!   Mark Hickman President North South Productions

Stunning! like you!…you're my favorite..   Margaret Knight First Assistant Director

Stunning!!   Amy Williams Actor

Fascinating…so extraordinary…   Susan Hill General Manager Vegas Entertainment Network

Always impressive,   David Lee Felter Producer

…completely fantastic, excellent, amazing, unbelievable, they are.....WOW!   Robert G. Case Producer/Editor, D.P.

If the finished product is anything like these attached pics, then success will be considered an ugly bastard child, when compared to what you've done…a complete delight.   Chuck Nice Comedian/ HGTV Host

I am so pleased with the experience on the DIY shoot -- even after 20 years of doing this, it's become my benchmark for civil, delightful and efficient on-set experiences. You're a true class act when it comes to production and I couldn't be happier having had the chance to work with you. I certainly hope we get to again soon.   Wade Danielson first AD Producer

It was such a pleasure to work with you …You have perfected the science of balance and I admire and appreciate that very much.
 Lesley Schoch Producer

My favorite photographer of all time. … Your work with me totally makes the open!! Looks awesome.   John DeSilvia host DIY network

I am over the moon to think of working with you again.   Bronson Pinshot Actor

Thank you again for helping me grow as a designer. I feel like I'm taking a pro course just observing the way you operate on set.
 Trey Counce Designer

wow!!!!! I love it!!!!! Ride the wave Michael. You are soooooooooo good with that "Photography thing...."mean it. Your art is inspiration and magnificient. Truley "Love your work."

Big Fan
 Margaret Knight

It was so fun being photographed by someone with such unique vision; (cool life experience for me;)   Nicole Curtis Host HGTV

Once again, fabulous work, Michael! Love what you do with image and light and focus. Spectacular.   Wade Dainelson first AD

You are a genius with that camera!   CT Grundy Host ScrippsNetworks

…gagging, these are so stunning!   Genevieve Gorder Designer Host HGTV

These shots are blowing me away!
A true artist!…damn I love your style. So unique and rich.   Josh Temple Host Scripps Networks Home Category

"Wow…you are simply AMAZING mi amico/my friend. Some people have great talent... and then there are those rare few who are... truly... gifted. Saluté, to the truly gifted! Ciao!"   Susan Hill

Your work in Paris, is striking.
I felt I needed a towel to dry off and then a pint.
Great work!   Smilin' Phillip Tuck – First Assistant Director

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